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Do you all want to share experiences or perhaps share interesting informations
with other people ...? Do you also want to open an online business via the internet ...?
If so this is a good idea to write all your stories in an article and then let other people read and even more fun when everyone else is giving a positive response to the article we have made. Then how to make a blog where you can pour your story or a wonderful idea that will make a big change for many people? It's easy, create a Free Blog is the first step you must do to create a blog on free hosting.

By the way the problem free blog provider site, which is still popular today most of the bloggers would have to use wordpress or blogspot. Although actually have another blog provider sites like friendster, plaza, etc.. Especially now, I have found good information here for you all the lovers blog. As usual, when I look for knowledge, I accidentally discovered the blog provider site can also be used by you
as an alternative to create a blog.

Free Blog Hosting does not charge any server, unlike your blog to host their own server costs and domain. However, free blog still a top choice among internet users. There are many free blog services out there with their own advantages and disadvantages. is one of the free blog hosting site powered by WordPress blogging software that you can use to share ideas, thoughts, interesting info, and anything else.

That way at least your blog will appear in a blog post and update blogs feature. For this and other reasons, Okay Blog is a good free alternative to create a blog. You can easily create a personal blog about your life, your family life, your hobbies, your business, politics, etc.
and is guaranteed free.
Good luck!

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umar mengatakan...

nice share sis .

comments back ya !

jobs mengatakan...

great post

Natha Lia mengatakan...

cool blog...and nice posting.....

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Preman ngBlog mengatakan...

Blogwalking sayang

rumah blogger mengatakan...

mantap sekali nich..

rumah blogger mengatakan...

wah, maaf baru bisa mampir ya, sukses terus non..

sabirinnet mengatakan...

kebahagiaan memang patut untuk disyukuri, benar nggak??

toko dvd mengatakan...

its nice to have free blog like blogger...thanks for sharing a new blogging resource.

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Hobby Exchange mengatakan...

sip banget infonya kawan. dtunggu koment baliknya ok, thank

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salam kenal buat semuanya

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